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Nature is my source of inspiration.

I use adrenaline to discover the steepest slopes. I use endurance to enjoy the longer journeys. Nature has influenced my network, my frienships, my family. Together we’ve embarked on a great landscape’s quest. Trough my travels and my involvement in the mountain bike community, I’ve came to the conclusion that fresh air combined with new ideas, shared with people eager to push things forward, are pillars to develop a successful company. I’m currently self employed. I’m offering naturalist illustrations and stunning 3d renderings to my customers. 

Lime Trees - Lodges & Ponds

Lodges des tilleuls gets its name from the one hundred lime trees dispatched along the access road. This project is located in south Belgium. Three ponds of various sizes are surrounded by some canals regulating the water level.    Around the ponds and over the canals, the goal is to build four private cabins to rent. A common cabin and a pier where people could meet. To be efficient the project also needs a parking lot and a technical shed. The customer  wanted the place to stay wild and he chose my main partner “Alexandre Vandiest Landscaping Agency” to make the study case. Alexandre gave me the huge opportunity to create the project from scratch, and he followed me step by step until the delivery to the customer. I did create the sketches, the draft, the masterplan, the modelization, the renderings, a video and a whole virtual tour.

The result is a charming green immersion inside the “Lodges des Tilleuls”.

Rebuilt house at Uccle

Uccle hosts some of Brussel’s most beautiful properties, and I feel grateful that I got the opportunity to work on this “adn_architectures” project.

The exterior design is A BRICK TALE In Belgium, especially in Flanders, handmade bricks are a common material. Here, the house’s curves and screen walls bring this material to a masterpiece  of masonry.
Respecting the same height and surface of the previous house, the new construction is a two sides building connected by a luminous open kitchen. 
Each sides have their own round design but  different ceiling height.
To keep the bedroom’s privacy from the neighborhood’s view, the bedrooms are hidden behind brick screen wall instead of curtains. This idea provides a sweet lightning. In the stairs tower, the light is dimmed through some screen walls too.

Modern house & garden in Gaume

The Gaume region (south Belgium) is like the Shire in Tolkien’s litterature, people are welcoming and like to live and greet friends in natural gardens. Around this modern house Alexandre Vandiest has created a grahic garden rhythmed by squared and rectangular shapes. It looks simple but the way plants will grow and bloom stunningly will create a wild volume over this flat land. Three patios, a solarium and a corten steel water basin are giving inhabitants many oppotunities to enjoy the sun or the shadow. The orchard welcomes hens and the vegetable garden surrounded by tressiled fruit trees are providing food for the entire family.


Luxembourg city houses are generally adjoining. They often have small gardens lined up at the back of the properties. To keep their privacy from the neighbors views, people frequently like to arrange ther gardens into quite and relaxing places. In  my collaboration with “Alexandre Vandiest Landscaping”, I’ve recently  modelized and  created the 3d renders of three projects.

Double Patio Garden - Mamer

The job was to illustrate a japanese path linking the entrance and the garden. To create some volume in the garden some multi-trunk trees were planted into corten steel boxes. The orginal patio was restored with new sandstone tiles. A wooden new patio was created in order to catch sunrays.